Chapter 9 – Part 3

“That wasn’t my shipment. I just brokered the transportation”

To Rangoon? That doesn’t sound right, I mean, don’t you have to fly the WWII hump over the Himalayas to get to Burma?”

No, not anymore. The Japanese quit shooting at us after WWII, so we go around to the south. Way easier. Same planes though. Those old C-47s are hard to kill and they are cheap to operate. They just fly across Thailand. It’s a pretty straight shot. No heroics.”

“Nobody shooting at you in Thailand?”

“Thailand no. Cambodia’s another story.”

“You guys carry on, I’ve got work to do,” said Capt. Fiori. “Allen what was it you wanted to talk to me about before Mike her took over the conversation?”

“I did not take over the conversation. You introduced me to Allen”

“Just the same. Allen, did you say everything you had to say?”


“OK. Then I’ll be in my office if you need me.”

The Captain left his coffee cup on the tray by the urn, refilled a clean one and walked out the door. Mike made a limp, mock salute. “Prick,” he said.

“Why ‘prick?’ He seems like a nice enough guy to me. He’s helped me at every turn. Set me up in the warehouse, out of the weather. Got me local help on the radar.”

“That’s just the problem. It isn’t his warehouse. He acts like he’s the company commander of a TO&E unit. He thinks that because he has the key he can put anything he wants in it, including you.”

“Whose is it then?”

“It’s supposed to be under management of AA. We store spare parts and whatnot in it.”

“Seems like there’s a whole pallet of whatnot there right now.”

“There’ll be more this afternoon. There’s another flight coming in from IV Corps.”

This was not good news. It sounded like the relative peace and quiet of the last few days was about to come to an end.

“Are they going to off-load a whole plane load of stuff?”

“No, they’ll stand by till the Australians get here.”

“Whew!” I thought. I had for a moment feared that they would fill up the warehouse making it hard to work. “What do Australians have to do with anything?” I asked innocently.

“Remember I said that DB and Virgil didn’t have enough money to fund a big operation? They had enough money to fund one shipment. That was theirs you flew with.”

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