Chapter 16 – The Dogs of War

“So you didn’t go to Angola. Are you about to tell me another adventure story, another sad ending?” “No. No, I didn’t become a mercenary. But my life had been pretty tame since the army. I didn’t mind the chaos of the next couple of years. “There’s more chaos? What you just told me soundsContinue reading “Chapter 16 – The Dogs of War”

Chapter 14 Hotel Universe

Hotel Universe — 1975 In 1975, on one of those hot May days in Seattle that sucker you into thinking its summer, I went with my friend Hippie No. 1 to The 4700, a classic dive-bar near the university. It was Friday afternoon and we were a bit early for a party in a nearbyContinue reading “Chapter 14 Hotel Universe”

Chapter 12 A Bed of Roses

“You think it’s going to be a bed of roses, that being out of the army will cure all your problems.” – A recently discharged friend who came back to post for a visit. “So you finished your education recently then?” Asked Agnes. “Yes, relatively, four years ago.” “What did you do in the meantime?Continue reading “Chapter 12 A Bed of Roses”

Chapter 11 In Case of Riot – Break Glass

Fort Monmouth 1970 By winter 1970 I was back to my home duty station and the snows of New Jersey. All winter I huddled by the steam radiators in our office. Miss Yen was right, I had left them in Saigon but Saigon had not left me. The surrealism of my time in the bushContinue reading “Chapter 11 In Case of Riot – Break Glass”

Chapter 10 – Go Ask Alice

Cabin 6 “I suppose that after all this time it wouldn’t hurt to tell you a bit about My adventure up-country. I would have thought that story would have filtered back to you. Most things did, it seems.” “I know a little and I’ve guessed at more but I’ve been waiting almost two decades forContinue reading “Chapter 10 – Go Ask Alice”

Chapter 9 – Part 3

The Recon Base Later, the second afternoon, I stopped by Capt. Fiori’s office to continue our discussion about extra help with the waveguides. “Specialist Allen,” he said as though that were the end of the sentence. He paused a second then said, “I’ve been thinking. Have you seen the handicrafts the Montagnard women make?” “I’veContinue reading “Chapter 9 – Part 3”

Chapter 9 Goin up the country –Part 2

Cabin 6 “It was all so long ago,” said Agnes, staring out at waves breaking on the beach and the ocean beyond. “Sometimes the ocean brings me memories of things that were and sometimes the surf roars of things that might have been; things that might have been but for the war and things thatContinue reading “Chapter 9 Goin up the country –Part 2”

Chapter 9 Goin up the country –Part 1

Goin’ up the country — paint my mailbox OD green Friday afternoon came. I’d spent every night this week with Agnes at Su lin’s apartment. In the morning, I’d told her that I wouldn’t be back for a week or so and I was going up country to make a house call for Col. Suel.Continue reading “Chapter 9 Goin up the country –Part 1”