Chapter 9 – Part 3

The Recon Base Later, the second afternoon, I stopped by Capt. Fiori’s office to continue our discussion about extra help with the waveguides. “Specialist Allen,” he said as though that were the end of the sentence. He paused a second then said, “I’ve been thinking. Have you seen the handicrafts the Montagnard women make?” “I’veContinue reading “Chapter 9 – Part 3”

Chapter 9 Goin up the country –Part 2

Cabin 6 “It was all so long ago,” said Agnes, staring out at waves breaking on the beach and the ocean beyond. “Sometimes the ocean brings me memories of things that were and sometimes the surf roars of things that might have been; things that might have been but for the war and things thatContinue reading “Chapter 9 Goin up the country –Part 2”

Chapter 9 Goin up the country –Part 1

Goin’ up the country — paint my mailbox OD green Friday afternoon came. I’d spent every night this week with Agnes at Su lin’s apartment. In the morning, I’d told her that I wouldn’t be back for a week or so and I was going up country to make a house call for Col. Suel.Continue reading “Chapter 9 Goin up the country –Part 1”

Chapter 8 – Rifles for Halftrack

The Palace “We have a friend who would like to meet you,” said Virgil toward the end of a Saturday of drinking beer at DB’s hooch. “Next Saturday.” Weeks earlier, Virgil had alluded to “friends in high places.” I had no idea why I would be interesting to friends in high places but Virgil assuredContinue reading “Chapter 8 – Rifles for Halftrack”

Chapter 7 — Saigon Roulette

Slumming A month or so after Virgil’s Suitcase Sunday I went for Sunday dinner at DBs. I was coming to really enjoy these visits. They were a nice break from the Dai Nam mess hall or the NCO club. I’d taken pictures of neighbors and their children with the new lenses Virgil had helped meContinue reading “Chapter 7 — Saigon Roulette”

Chapter 6 (cont.)

Down to the River Money One Sunday when visiting DB, we were standing in the yard when Virgil came bumping down the alley on his brand new Honda twin-cylinder motorbike. It was blue and chrome and he’d added a luggage rack since I’d seen him last. It was spotless except for some mud spattering fromContinue reading “Chapter 6 (cont.)”

Part I – Chapters 1, 2 & 3

Preface March 2018 In a conversation about gun control following the mass shooting at Florida’s Marjorie Stoneman High School, l I commented that there was no earthly reason that a civilian hunter needed a rifle whose trajectory over a hundred meters rose and fell only two inches. and whose muzzle velocity exceeded the speed ofContinue reading “Part I – Chapters 1, 2 & 3”