Chapter 9 – Part 3

“You seem to know a lot more than you let on at first.”

“All I have to do is listen you, or DB, or Virgil. You all seem to think that because I didn’t know what you all were talking about at first that it’s a permanent state of affairs.”

Allen, it seems to me it’s more likely that you work for the agency than me; you not being assigned to anybody as far as I can tell, even on a first name basis with Suel and Shackley; Suel being is a big shot in intelligence in Washington, just here on a fact finding mission, and you show up TDY working directly for him in his supposedly secret communications center disguised as a battery storage facility. And you’re keeping close company with Major what’s-his-name’s personal secretary, who’s father owns a shipping company that services the Agency among other things. Then on top of that, your buddies get you into Col. Bau’s office for some money laundering. That’s all mighty strange. Go ahead. Tell me it’s coincidence.”

“It is coincidence,’” I said in my best matter-or-fact tone.

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