Dispatches from the Desert 3

Quartzite ArizonaJanuary 13, 2023 Today was the first day of the RTR or Rubber Tramp Rendezvous for everyone. Last week was the Women’s RTR addressing women issues. There were a good many single women. More than I expected. Probably holdovers from last week .As I arrived about 10:40, Bob Willis was giving an orientation talkContinue reading “Dispatches from the Desert 3”

Chapter 16 – The Dogs of War

“So you didn’t go to Angola. Are you about to tell me another adventure story, another sad ending?” “No. No, I didn’t become a mercenary. But my life had been pretty tame since the army. I didn’t mind the chaos of the next couple of years. “There’s more chaos? What you just told me soundsContinue reading “Chapter 16 – The Dogs of War”

Chapter 14 Hotel Universe

Hotel Universe — 1975 In 1975, on one of those hot May days in Seattle that sucker you into thinking its summer, I went with my friend Hippie No. 1 to The 4700, a classic dive-bar near the university. It was Friday afternoon and we were a bit early for a party in a nearbyContinue reading “Chapter 14 Hotel Universe”

Chapter 12 A Bed of Roses

“You think it’s going to be a bed of roses, that being out of the army will cure all your problems.” – A recently discharged friend who came back to post for a visit. “So you finished your education recently then?” Asked Agnes. “Yes, relatively, four years ago.” “What did you do in the meantime?Continue reading “Chapter 12 A Bed of Roses”

Chapter 11 In Case of Riot – Break Glass

Fort Monmouth 1970 By winter 1970 I was back to my home duty station and the snows of New Jersey. All winter I huddled by the steam radiators in our office. Miss Yen was right, I had left them in Saigon but Saigon had not left me. The surrealism of my time in the bushContinue reading “Chapter 11 In Case of Riot – Break Glass”