Chapter List

Chapter 9 – Part 3

The Recon Base Later, the second afternoon, I stopped by Capt. Fiori’s office to continue our discussion about extra help with the waveguides. “Specialist Allen,” he said as though that were the end of the sentence. He paused a second then said, “I’ve been thinking. Have you seen the handicrafts the Montagnard women make?” “I’veContinue reading “Chapter 9 – Part 3”

Chapter 6 (cont.)

Down to the River Money One Sunday when visiting DB, we were standing in the yard when Virgil came bumping down the alley on his brand new Honda twin-cylinder motorbike. It was blue and chrome and he’d added a luggage rack since I’d seen him last. It was spotless except for some mud spattering fromContinue reading “Chapter 6 (cont.)”

Chapter 6

Down to the River Cowboys Most weeks, the neighborhood got together mid day for Sunday dinner. In the afternoon, the men lounged about in tank tops, shorts and flip flops, drank sometimes homemade whiskey and smoked homemade cigars, not always tobacco. DB invited me one week and I asked if I could bring my camera.Continue reading “Chapter 6”

Chapter 5

Exodus “How did you get to the US, Miss Yen?” I asked. “Most of the refugees that pulled out at the end and certainly the boat people did nowhere near well enough to own a yacht builder, much less own a shipping company.” “Of course we weren’t boat people! Or refugees for that matter. AndContinue reading “Chapter 5”

Chapter 4

Roaming the Streets of Saigon During off days, which were many, I roamed the city with a new camera I’d bought at the PX. This display of American excess annoyed Phil who refused to be seen with me toting my camera gear. But tote I did. With the help of film at well under aContinue reading “Chapter 4”

Part I – Chapters 1, 2 & 3

Preface March 2018 In a conversation about gun control following the mass shooting at Florida’s Marjorie Stoneman High School, l I commented that there was no earthly reason that a civilian hunter needed a rifle whose trajectory over a hundred meters rose and fell only two inches. and whose muzzle velocity exceeded the speed ofContinue reading “Part I – Chapters 1, 2 & 3”

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