Chapter 9 Goin up the country –Part 1

Goin’ up the country — paint my mailbox OD green Friday afternoon came. I’d spent every night this week with Agnes at Su lin’s apartment. In the morning, I’d told her that I wouldn’t be back for a week or so and I was going up country to make a house call for Col. Suel.Continue reading “Chapter 9 Goin up the country –Part 1”

Chapter 8 – Rifles for Halftrack

The Palace “We have a friend who would like to meet you,” said Virgil toward the end of a Saturday of drinking beer at DB’s hooch. “Next Saturday.” Weeks earlier, Virgil had alluded to “friends in high places.” I had no idea why I would be interesting to friends in high places but Virgil assuredContinue reading “Chapter 8 – Rifles for Halftrack”