Chapter 8 – Rifles for Halftrack

The Palace “We have a friend who would like to meet you,” said Virgil toward the end of a Saturday of drinking beer at DB’s hooch. “Next Saturday.” Weeks earlier, Virgil had alluded to “friends in high places.” I had no idea why I would be interesting to friends in high places but Virgil assuredContinue reading “Chapter 8 – Rifles for Halftrack”

Chapter 7 — Saigon Roulette

Slumming A month or so after Virgil’s Suitcase Sunday I went for Sunday dinner at DBs. I was coming to really enjoy these visits. They were a nice break from the Dai Nam mess hall or the NCO club. I’d taken pictures of neighbors and their children with the new lenses Virgil had helped meContinue reading “Chapter 7 — Saigon Roulette”

Chapter 6 (cont.)

Down to the River Money One Sunday when visiting DB, we were standing in the yard when Virgil came bumping down the alley on his brand new Honda twin-cylinder motorbike. It was blue and chrome and he’d added a luggage rack since I’d seen him last. It was spotless except for some mud spattering fromContinue reading “Chapter 6 (cont.)”

Part I – Chapters 1, 2 & 3

Preface March 2018 In a conversation about gun control following the mass shooting at Florida’s Marjorie Stoneman High School, l I commented that there was no earthly reason that a civilian hunter needed a rifle whose trajectory over a hundred meters rose and fell only two inches. and whose muzzle velocity exceeded the speed ofContinue reading “Part I – Chapters 1, 2 & 3”