Chapter 15 Water, Whiskey & War

“Well, the Soviets are backing wars of liberation all over Africa and we have always had a stake in the outcome, all during the Angolan liberation conflict. The South Africans didn’t want a communist take over any more than we did. The US supported the non-communist groups and so did they. We have supported them with money and material for years. And the Chinese communists had stuck their fingers in the pie too. Everybody wants a piece of Angola.”

“So you shipped weapons out of Viet Nam into South Africa and Angola?” asked Roaland.

“I personally didn’t do that, no.”

So what did you do? I’m not gettin’ it.”

“I found buyers for the Cho Lon Chinese and arranged shipping for them.”

“Where did they get the hardware?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care. So that’s the story. That’s not what you’ll read in “Foreign Affairs.

“Black Market I’ll bet, I said. “I remember that conversation about DB buying up M 16s.”

“God you have a good memory. Bound to get you in trouble one day. I did broker those shipments through Rangoon into Johannesburg but none of the drugs went that route.

But you’ll read that and more in Soldier of Fortune and that’s how I got involved in Angola.”

“You can’t have been reading about it in SOF. That’s Volume 1, Issue 1.”

“No it’s not SOF that got me involved in Angola, it was the Chinese.”

“But you said the Chinese have been in Angola for years. The Cho Lon Chinese were shipping arms to Chinese enemies?”

“Like I said, They’re whores. They’ll buy from anybody and sell to anybody if they can make money off it.”

“What you’re talking about — that was five years ago. How are you involved in the mercenary thing now? If it’s not the CIA then who is it?”

“I didn’t say its not the CIA. I said they aren’t writing the checks. This isn’t one of their covert operations but they’re keeping an eye on it. They don’t want the Cubans or the Ruskies to react to a big US operation with more troops. There are rumors about the Cubans even now. They want a closely controlled operation. They wouldn’t even support Col. Hoare and his gang of Brits. Those guys are completely nuts. They want this to look like exactly what it is — Gulf oil hiring a private security force.”

“That’s it? No international intrigue with Russian spies. No Boris and Natasha? I’m disappointed.”

“That isn’t to say there aren’t any clandestine operations in Angola, this just isn’t one of them. And as I said any that do go on they want closely controlled. You might consider this a test case.”

“Sounds like there might be more to come, said Roland.”

“No guarantees but what do you think?”

“I’d need to know more details, said Roland.”

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